Goddess of a Mad King Excerpt – Rakin

Goddess of a Mad King by Jody J Hill is an epic fantasy novel told from the viewpoints of the four main characters. Here is an excerpt from the villain’s chapter:

Rakin began pacing the room. “Now, Darina, my dear, would you like to explain why you felt the need to call attention to yourself this evening?” He stopped in front of her chair and grinned crookedly at her trembling body as she recoiled from him. “You don’t think I would hurt you, do you?”

She looked pleadingly towards both guards in turn. “Help me. Can’t you see he has been contaminated and must be cleansed by Braa Drusz?

Receiving no sense of sympathy from their emotionless faces, she stared at the floor and mumbled something under her breath.

“Look at me, Priestess,” he commanded. “They will not help you.  They have seen a true Goddess and do not fear your Braa Drusz.”

She turned her head, refusing to meet his eyes. He could feel the energy emanating from his body as anger swept over him. He grabbed her chin and jerked her face towards his. “I said, ‘look at me!’”

She seemed to find an inner strength as she sat upright and spat out, “Look at yourself!”

Her answer made him drop her chin and step back in confusion. He looked at his guards but they stood as if made of stone. Rakin drew on the energy coursing through him and focused on the woman. Growling, he leaned onto the arms of the chair and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Though apparently still scared she summoned the courage to ask, “Do you really not know? Can you not feel the corruption inside you?”

“You have no idea what’s inside me.” He walked to her chair, feeling his anger rising with each step. “I have been blessed by a Goddess. Can you really say you know how that feels? It is Her presence you see in me. You dare to call it corruption!”

He looked at Darina and now saw defiance in her eyes. She is trying to get me to admit to corruption. She wants me to stand accused before Braa Drusz. His thoughts leaped toward conclusions in rapid succession. If I’m found with any corruption within my body, they will sacrifice me. And if I am no longer the High Priest, Darina will become the holy ruler.

“Now I see your corruption Priestess. Your lust for power has overcome your common sense.” He instinctively bared his fangs at her and waited for her to move so he could pounce.

Fangs? He ran his tongue across his upper teeth and felt it catch on the long canines. The realization that he did have fangs shocked him into silence. As he absorbed this knowledge, he looked fearfully towards Rogert who was signing to the other man. He has sworn loyalty to me and Draa Gwyn. Will they both continue to support me now? Rogert nodded his allegiance to his ruler. The other guard was watching Rakin warily but his curved sword hung untouched on his belt.

Emboldened by their passive support, he turned back to Darina and let a wolfish grin expose the sharp protruding teeth.

Darina blanched but gathered the courage to say her piece. “You’ve been changing, Rakin,” she said. “Small things that only those that work closest to you have noticed. But we have noticed.”

 He could hardly find the words to respond in the deepness of his anger. “Noticed what? That you have been spreading rumors? That you have plans to succeed me as High Priestess? How many others are part of your conspiracy?”

“No!” she snapped back. “I have no need to spread rumors. The blue light in your eyes and the very bones of your body cry out that you are corrupted at the core. You must be sacrificed before you drag others into your poison.”

“You are the poison. You and your false God.”

Her mouth fell open in shock. Then, as the realization of what he said fully sunk in, it snapped back closed in anger. Her eyes narrowed in defiance as she slowly stood to face Rakin.

“You blasphemer.” She spat the condemning words as she took a step towards him. She shifted her gaze to the guards so the accusation included them. Then, without any warning she drew a small dagger from the cleft of her bodice. “I do this for the good of all Delosia!” she screamed as she pushed the dagger into Rakin’s chest.

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