Chapter from Lentz of the Wolf by KJ Rokova

What is truth? KJ Rokova explores this question in her novel, LENTZ OF THE WOLF. A rich mythology and complex characters make this novel a fascinating read.

“Lentz of the Wolf, is a mythological fantasy set in a brand new world. Young, determined, and raised in awe of the brave legends of her peoples, Haref Veshja is on the cusp of becoming captain of her very own ship. When tragedy strikes and she is tossed from the vessel she so loves, she awakens to find herself in the mythical lands of her childhood heroes; the World Between. In trying to find her way back home, she will come face to face with the truths left unsaid, and the lies covered up as she untangles the events of legend through the stories of the survivors. Forced to reconcile bravery and cruelty in hero and villain alike to find redemption for the sins committed millennia past, her own bravery will be put to the test as she tries to heal the rift between her peoples and the World Between. That is, if she can avoid the temptation to cruelty herself.

Part coming-of-age tale and thematically inspired by the movie Rashomon with elements of mythical fantasy, Lentz of the Wolf teases out the old quote by John Barth that ‘Everyone is the hero of his own life story.’ ”
KJ Rokova

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