An Author’s Journey

Finally, my first novel, Goddess of a Mad King, is out in the world looking for a publisher. Looking back, I see how all my life experiences have helped me create a world that feels real to the reader, peopled with believable characters.

I think I inherited my love of writing from my grandfather. I still have the little booklet of poems he wrote me as a child. He was a great admirer of Will Rogers and often peppered his writing with humor.

When I showed an interest in writing (elementary school) he brought out all his how-to books and gave me advice from their pages. I still have those books from the 1950’s on my shelves as a reminder of the love we shared.

In college, I learned to put my travel experiences into magazine articles and fiction. I gave up a degree in accounting to follow my passion for literature completing a BA in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing.

Somehow in the 1980’s I ended up becoming a technical writer for a defense contractor, writing manuals for equipment installation. Not the most thrilling writing of my career.

Then my husband and I decided to have children. The writing came to a stand-still as we moved back to Oregon and lived “off the grid” on 40 wilderness acres. Though the experience enriched our lives, it was hard to do the extra work of chopping firewood, care for kids and animals, and maintain a steady schedule for writing.

So… back to school I went. This time for a MA in Teaching. My years as a teacher stretched my creative impulses to the limit. I loved making lesson plans that combined all the core subjects into one overarching goal. Much like creating story arcs. I found kid lit that held the ideas of what I was teaching and encouraged my students to find books that enhanced their own curiosity.

I am retired now. My children are grown. My husband has a great, steady job and the income to let me return to the dream of my childhood. Once more, I enjoy the feel of creating something new and wonderful out of words. I look at those old tomes of scholarly wisdom that my grandfather left to me and smile.

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