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An Author’s Journey

Finally, my first novel, Goddess of a Mad King, is out in the world looking for a publisher. Looking back, I see how all my life experiences have helped me create a world that feels real to the reader, peopled with believable characters. I think I inherited my love of writing from my grandfather. I […]

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Willamette Writers’ Conference – Aug. 1-4, 2019

Looking forward to my first WW conference. I will be pitching my new novel, Goddess of a Mad King to agents and publishers as well as honing my craft. Will I see you there? https://willamettewriters.org/wwcon/

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Editors: Who They Are and What They Do

A lot of us are thinking of publishing a novel. When we near the finish, the question of whether we need an editor or not (you do!) comes forward. This blog post by Savannah Gilbo is the perfect navigation tool for anyone who wishes to take their novel and winnow out the errors. Hope you […]

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