An Author’s Journey

Finally, my first novel, Goddess of a Mad King, is out in the world looking for a publisher. Looking back, I see how all my life experiences have helped me create a world that feels real to the reader, peopled with believable characters. I think I inherited my love of writing from my grandfather. I […]

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Goddess of a Mad King Excerpt – Breaton

The Poor Man’s Squire lived up to its name in the squalor that plagued the neighborhood below Cross Street. Located on a dirt side street it was almost lost between a slaughterhouse and a two-story brothel that leaned heavily on the smaller building. The window that looked out on the rutted street was missing one […]

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Goddess of a Mad King Excerpt – Shaheen

Goddess of a Mad King by Jody J Hill is an epic fantasy novel told from the viewpoints of the four main characters. The following is an excerpt from one of the protagonists: Entering the cozy little house, Shaheen started the cook-fire under a hanging pot and set some water to boil. She made sure […]

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